Perkins Marine Instrument Panel With NMEA 2000 Engine Data Converter Package


Panel Material: marine Acrylic, poly carbonate ,marine Plexiglas

Dimensions: 12″ X 6.75″

Black Panel With Black Gauges

Fog resistant  Marine Grade Gauges:

  • 4000 RPM Programmable Tachometer with Digital Hour Meter 7 Character LCD Display (Alternator , magnetic , signal generator  Pick Up Available) please specify
  • Engine Coolant Water Temp Gauge 40-120 °C or 100-240 °F
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge 0-80 PSI or 0-5 Bar
  • 12 V Voltmeter Gauge (24 Volt available)
  • Fuel Level Gauge E-F 240-33 ohms
Kit Includes:


  1. Fully Wired Instrument Panel with 5 Marine Grade Gauges
  2. RS11CANbus Engine Data Converter
  3. Cole Hersee Sealed Ignition Key Switch
Features and Benefits of Cole Hersee Sealed Ignition Key Switch:
  1. Engineering thermoplastic construction
  2. Fully sealed contact area using O-rings and ultrasonic welding
  3. Integrated Sealed Deutsch Connector Interface
  4. Anti-restart and spring return options available
  5. Tested to SAE J259 for ignition switches
  6. Supplied with two matching keys, with or without boot
  7. Custom logo can be molded on the boot
  8. Multiple key codes or keyed alike available
  9. Key is removable only at the ‘Off’ position

An extensive series of ignition switches that can also be used as rotary switches. Suitable for a broad range of voltages: 10A at 12V, 5A at 24V, 3A at 36V and 2A at 48V DC. Made of rugged engineering grade plastic, these switches stand up to mechanical shock and vibration, and will not corrode or rust. This switch has an integrated Deutsch-type socket to make electrical connection quick and easy, and to exclude moisture and dust. UL-tested and recognized to SAE J259 for ignition switches. Contacts are sealed front and back to IP67 (with connector installed). Many options available with regard to position, spring return, key boot style and marking, actuator interface and length, and anti-restart features.

Features and Benefits ofRS11CANbus Engine Data Converter:

• The RS11 Engine Data Converter converts tachometer signals and analog gauge voltages from virtually any engine into CANbus digital messages (NMEA 2000).
• It is configurable for either single or dual engine installations and includes a USB PC interface for initial configuration, data monitoring, and software updates.
• Output messages are applied to the CANbus for display by compatible devices

• The RS11 is designed for versatile interfacing to almost any type of analog engine sensor or gauge commonly used on marine or automotive engines.
• It has two pulse (RPM/Fuel Flow) inputs, six analog (gauge) inputs and supports both 12 and 24 volt systems.
• The analog inputs can be assigned all to one engine or be split between two engines. Multiple RS11’s can be installed on the same CANbus.
• The RS11 can be used with existing analog gauges or as a replacement for them.
• Current sources within the RS11 will power resistive sending units where gauges have been removed or new senders(without gauges) have been added.

Marine Grade Wire & Features:
  • USCG / NMEA specification Copper tinned wire
  • flexible cable water and oil resistant
  • 10″ to 12″ Pigtail Harness connected to 12 position terminal strip
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